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emc易倍体育官方网站|CES大展览 4K电视将成为主流

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本文摘要:There are a lot of next big things in the television industry. In 2010, it was 3D, which promptly flopped.电视行业曾多次推展过许多所谓的“下一代重磅产品”。

There are a lot of next big things in the television industry. In 2010, it was 3D, which promptly flopped.电视行业曾多次推展过许多所谓的“下一代重磅产品”。2010年,3D电视被刮起得天花乱坠,然而迅速就告终了。Two years later, the talk began to focus on 4K/ Ultra High Definition (UHD) sets – and it quickly began to look like history was about to repeat itself.两年后,各大电视厂商又开始集中于推展4K电视,也就是超高清电视,但种种情势或许颂扬着历史将迅速重演。But a funny thing happened in 2014. 4K/UHD began to carve a foothold. And now experts say the technology may, in fact, live up to the hype.但2014年经常出现了一个有意思的巨变。

4K电视开始站稳脚跟。专家们现在回应,这项技术或许将不负众望。“4K is the emerging standard for TVs,” says Paul O’Donovan, principal analyst of consumer electronics at Gartner. “I think it will take some years for the annual number of 4K TVs manufactured to outnumber the total of full HD models, but I would expect that to happen within the next 7 to 10 years.”低德纳研究公司消费电子产品首席分析师保罗o奥多诺万回应:“4K是电视的新兴标准。

我指出4K电视的年产量还必须过几年才能多达全高清电视,但我预计这个期限会多达7到10年。”SandlerResearch agrees, estimating 4K sets will have an annual growth rate of 106.84 percent through 2018.研究公司SandlerResearch赞成这一观点,该公司预计,到2018年底,4K电视市场的年均增长率将超过106.84%。

Bill Lee, vice president of television product marketing at Samsung, says the television industry shipped 800,000 4K/UHD sets last year – and Samsung expects to see a four-fold increase to that number in 2015.三星公司电视产品营销事务副总裁比尔o李回应,4K电视去年的出货量为80万台,三星预计这一数值将在2015年翻两番。The sets, which boast four times the visual resolution of today’s high definition sets, certainly boast an incredible image. The problem up until now, though, was the high cost (with a whopping $7,851 price point in 2012) and the lack of 4K content for people willing to spend that amount.4K电视的视觉分辨率是高清电视的4倍,可以营造不可思议的画面效果。然而,迄今为止的问题在于高昂的价格(2012年,4K电视的均价高达7,851美元),而对于那些不愿花钱出售的消费者来说,4K节目的缺少也是一个相当严重问题。

Both of those problems began to resolve themselves last year. And the trend looks to continue in 2015.但这些问题从去年开始渐渐获得解决问题。而且在2015年,这种趋势或许仍不会之后。

Viziolaunched its P-series of 4K sets in September for under $1,000, bringing the sets much closer to the flat-panel average of $450. Competitors quickly cut the prices of their own sets– and at this year’s CES, many manufacturers are expected to introduce lower-cost versions of their own 4K sets alongside their new premium models.去年9月,Vizio公司发售了售价将近1000美元的P系列4K电视,大大加深了这种产品与平板电视的价格差异,后者的平均值售价为450美元。竞争对手也很快减少了各自产品的价格。在今年的CES消费电子展上,许多电视机厂商在发售新型高档4K电视的同时,预计也将发售低价版本的4K电视。Meanwhile, Netflix NFLX -1.71% and Amazon AMZN -2.28% began streaming 4K content to customers, with Netflix offering ultra high definition versions of hits like “House of Cards” and “Breaking Bad” and Amazon adding 4K streaming to its Amazon Instant Video service, including films like “Godzilla” and “American Hustle.”与此同时,Netflix和亚马逊开始为顾客获取4K节目,Netflix正在发售《纸牌屋》和《夺命毒师》等热门电视剧的超高清版本,而亚马逊则在即时视频服务中重新加入了《哥斯拉》和《美国骗局》等电影的4K版本。

Comcast, meanwhile, has partnered with SamsungSSNLF 13.64% to delivery 4K content to its sets – and plans to expand the offering to all 4K sets in the coming months.与此同时,康卡斯特公司早已与三星达成协议合作协议,开始为三星电视获取4K节目。在接下来几个月中,该公司还计划向所有4K电视获取内容服务。The increasing success of 4K/UHD sets may be tied, ironically, to a device that’s better known for drawing people’s attentions away from their TVs – the smartphone.极具嘲讽意味的是,4K电视的持续顺利或许各不相同智能手机的发展。

要告诉,智能手机就是那个让人们的注意力大大离开了电视的小设备。“Mobile phone cameras have higher resolution capability than … full HD TVs,” says O’Donovan. “Nobody would go out today and by a 2 megapixel camera, yet that is the highest resolution available in current full HD TVs. It’s like when we moved from standard definition TVs to HD TVs, lots of folks said ‘who needs HD?’ Well we wouldn’t go back to SD now, and so we will move on from HD to UHD, because it is a natural progression if only to keep up with the resolution of cameras in our phones.”奥多诺万回应:“手机摄像头享有比全高清电视更高的分辨率。


”Meanwhile, 4K/UHD TV manufacturers and content creators, including Disney DIS -0.53% and Netflix, have established a new coalition called the UHD Alliance that plans to set standards for 4K content and delivery.与此同时,4K电视厂商早已同还包括迪斯尼和Netflix在内的内容建构商正式成立了一个取名为超高清联盟的新的组织,计划为4K内容及其传输创建标准。“This is a game changer – most importantly, for consumers,” said H.S. Kim, executive vice president of Samsung’s displays business, in announcing the alliance.三星公司显示屏业务继续执行副总裁H. S. 金在宣告联盟结为时回应:“这将不会转变行业规则,对消费者而言特别是在最重要。

”In real world terms, that could mean better looking 4K/UHD content – which could, in turn, lure more consumers to the technology. It could also be an opportunity for satellite companies to increase subscribers, notes O’Donovan, since they’re less constricted by bandwidth availability. (Dish Network seems ready to capitalize on this, announcing at CES a 4K set-top box that will become available later this year.)从现实世界的角度来看,这将意味著更佳看的4K节目,反过来不会更有更加多消费者拒绝接受这项技术。奥多诺万认为,卫视公司也能借机更有订户,因为他们不过于为比特率所限。

(Dish Network或许早已打算利用这一趋势了,该公司在消费电子展上发售了一款将在今年晚些时候上市的4K机顶盒。)“The industry is rallying behind UHD,” says Samsung’s Lee. “I think now is the time, more than ever, to make sure the quality of UHD is refined.”三星的比尔o李说:“电视业正在进发一起反对超高清电视。






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